Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Boy Gift Baskets Are Fun To Make

When looking for a gift idea, think of making your own baby boy gift basket.

Here are some tips for getting started:

Choose a container. This can be a basket or a diaper bag or some other useful object.

Put in filler, such as baby blankets and diapers to fill it up mostly. Baby boy gift baskets can be filled with all sorts of items for care and cleaning, such as powder, shampoo, lotions, nail clippers and that sort of thing. Add a cute bib, some socks and maybe a toy.

Baby boy gift baskets come in all sizes and shapes. You can make one unique to the child or the parent or come up with your own design.

Food can be the main items in the baby boy gift basket. It could be filled with blue gum cigars, tasty cookies, blue lollipops and some kind of chocolate that the mom would like.

Add a bib and a baby spoon and cup and this gift basket would be the talk of the nursery.

The idea of a baby boy gift basket could even be taken to another level where you might start a business. This gift idea could be offered in hospitals and especially in the gift shop. One might advertise the baskets in different baby shops or online to get started.

By Rebecka Whitlock

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