Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ideas on How to Host a Baby Shower - Shower Yourself with Ideas!

Are you looking for ideas on how to host a baby shower? The mind can boggle when confronted with the ideas you’ll get from people on what sort of baby shower invitations to use, what baby shower games are best and exactly what sort of baby shower centerpiece to use. Though everyone means well, it’s understandable that you’d want the baby shower to be your own creation and not an amalgamation of your friends’ ideas.

Looking for ideas on how to host a baby shower is easy. With internet access, you’re privy to ideas from around the world and can find baby shower games, baby shower invitations and ideas for baby shower centerpieces using any search engine.

For example, baby shower games don’t have to stop at “Pin the pacifier on the baby”. There’s the popular “Baby shower Bingo” or try playing “Noah’s Ark” with guests competing to see who can come up with two animals (or baby names) for every letter of the alphabet, with the quickest being the winner.

Baby shower invitations can go from expensive and elegant to those created and printed off for free. It’s all a matter of your budget and how much time you can invest.

Baby shower centerpieces can be functional yet adorable, such as the “Diaper Cake” a non-edible “cake” made from diapers and baby needs that the mother takes home with her to use after the baby is born to feeding your guests creatively by using the chocolate fountains that are all the rage right now.

When looking for ideas to host a baby shower, all you need is knowledge of what the parents like plus a modicum of creativity and you’ll do fine. With the internet, you truly can let your fingers do the walking.

By Kelly Jezek

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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Essential Shopping Guide For Baby Girl Clothes Shopping

Many consider it a fact that shopping for baby girl clothes is easier and more interesting than shopping for baby boy clothes. For one, baby girl clothes are more varied; boy clothes, on the other hand, tend to be limited in terms of style and design. Yet, because of the variety, many tend to overdo the shopping and their shopping gravitates towards the impractical and the gratuitous. On the other hand, there are also those who choose baby girl clothes using very limited standards-such as buying pink clothes for girls, clothes with ribbons and laces among others. Obviously, parents should find the right balance between these two factors to be able to buy their baby girls the perfect clothes.

First, do not restrict the baby girl clothes to certain colors. Many believe clothes for baby girls should only be in pink. This is, of course, not true. Buy clothes in various colors to create character. However, it is not advisable to buy baby girl clothes with too many laces or ribbons or any other materials that may be removed and may cause injuries such as suffocation.

Parents may have to consider stocking up on particular baby girl clothes such as such dresses, t-shirts, onesies, and infant gowns. Dresses, in particular, are of special interest, since they are obvious made for baby girls. Dresses are often for outdoor use, so parents can choose those with extravagant designs. However, the dresses should still remain light despite the design. Buying baby girl clothes made from cotton is the best choice, since cotton is soft and safe on a baby's skin. However, when buying sleepwear, parents have to make sure the material is flame-resistant and snug-fitting, since loose clothes can also cause suffocation. Fabrics such as cashmere and wool are also often used for baby clothes. The key is to make sure the fabric is soft and light-anything heavier than these materials may prove to be an inconvenience for the babies.

It may be wise to but baby girl clothes in sets, especially when the baby is only a few months old. However, baby girls aged one to three have different needs, so buying clothes sets are no longer advisable. Babies aged one and up are already classified as toddlers. Toddlers, depending on their age and growth development, may be already aware of clothing choices so they might have clothing preferences already. In this case, it is better to ask the toddler what she wants. However, it is better to observe which types of baby girl clothes for more suitable for baby girls. As she grows older, she may prefer dresses and shirts over onesies and stretch suits. Parents should gauge the child's ability when it comes to wearing these items since they pose as a trouble during diaper change or when parents are teaching baby girls to use the potty.

By Clif Johnson

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Natural Baby Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets, with a fabulous assortment of natural baby products, are excellent gifts to welcome a new baby. Natural baby gift baskets include all-natural ingredients such as soft organic baby shampoo, organic lotion, organic soap, organic diaper powder, organic baby balm, fragrance-free moisturizer, organic teething chews, and pure essential oils for massaging. Try to avoid the use of artificial fragrances or dyes.

The basket can also include soft baby clothes, baby bibs, and booties made from 100 % clean cotton, natural fiber sponges, and terry cloth bath pillows. Further, natural baby gift baskets can feature a no-expiration gift certificate to any store that solely specializes in natural products.

Toys and teddies made with soft natural fiber and recycled materials are good items to include in natural baby gift baskets. Some natural baby gift baskets even contain wooden toys, a wooden baby brush, and a wooden comb. Organic baby foods, personal memory gift items, non-toxic baby games, and CDs of nature sounds and lullaby songs are other options.

One can buy fabulous natural baby gift baskets from a gift basket business. However, making a personalized gift basket at home is a better idea. For this, one can use fair-trade, wooden or straw baskets. Colored recyclable napkins and organic cotton towels as well as recycled paper can be used to line the natural baby gift baskets. The products for filling should be non-toxic and non-plastic.

Natural baby gift baskets are wonderful and unique gifts on special baby occasions such as baby showers, baptism ceremonies, birthdays, and christenings. One can also stick to a particular theme while choosing natural baby gift baskets like safety kits, bath items, or bedtime items.

By Ken Marlborough

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Unique Baby Clothing Helps Your Baby to Stand Out

The truth of the matter is that your baby is quite simply the most beautiful baby in the whole world and there is just no denying that fact. This means that dressing your baby in standard, run of the mill baby clothing is just out of the question.

Besides, according to recent clinical research into early childhood development, evidence suggests that babies develop a sense of self and being at a much earlier age then was previously suspected.

Also, very young babies were found to have preferences for colors and designs. What this all adds up to is that babies as young as six months know who they are and know what they like in terms of colors, shapes and designs that are around and on them.

This means that your little princess or young Turk want to look good but they just can't communicate to you what they actually prefer when it comes to their wardrobes and the duds that wear due to a language barrier.

Dressing your child in unique fashion designs can only help in their early childhood development and the reverse of that concept is that dressing them in plain threads may actually do them harm that can manifest itself later on in their life.

Fortunately for you and your baby there are now baby clothes designers that recognize these facts and have come up with creations that will have any newborn baby strutting around their crib in the style that they would prefer.

The good news for mom is that they don't cost any more than standard baby clothes and they are easy to find online as well. Unique baby clothes can now be found on a number of online baby clothes boutiques that feature the latest designs being featured by a number of innovative baby clothes designers.

By Evelin Jennings

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naming Your Baby

So you are planning or currently pregnant with your baby and have no idea what to name him or her. You have so many options and so many sources available to you. This article is meant to give you a few ideas on where to look and how to decide.

Method one: Your family history.

You have plenty of names available to you in your family tree. Some couples name their children after their own parents or grandparents. What a great way to honour your roots and where you came from. This is a great way to name your baby, so long as you like the names of your parents and grandparents. So what if you don't like your choices?

Method two: Buy a book.

There are hundreds of books available with lists of baby names sorted into various categories. The benefit of these books, is that you literally have tens of thousands of names at your fingertips. These books can be found in most libraries, bookstores and even online. If you like the idea of having a large selection of baby names to browse though, but don't want to buy a book, you're in luck. There's a third option.

Method three: Visit a baby names web site.

There are several web sites on the Internet that are dedicated solely to baby names. The benefit of these sites is that, unlike a book, you can search for baby names and select options to list more specific types of names. The most common choices are to search alphabetically, by nationality and by gender.

Either method you choose, naming your baby can be a wonderful experience. Your child deserves the best you can give. Following one of these three methods will enable you to select a name for your baby that you will be proud of.

By Rob Ross

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