Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Homemade Baby Gift Baskets

Homemade baby gift baskets, with an array of goodies, are certainly the perfect gifts for newborn babies. They can be given on special occasions such as baby showers, baptisms, and christenings, as well as birthdays.

Though it takes a little time and effort to make homemade baby gift baskets, presenting them to your loved ones is always fun. These gifts should be customized for the occasion and the individual. Without breaking the budget, one can create homemade baby gift baskets that reflect the sentiments of the person giving them.

The container, basket, or box chosen to make the gift must be attractive. A diaper bag, laundry basket, or even a baby bathtub can be used instead of an actual basket or container. If choosing baskets, it is always better to choose medium-sized ones. The baskets can be decorated with beautiful silk ribbons, flowers, and pre-made or hand-tied bows.

Homemade baby gift baskets usually have a specific theme. Some baby gift baskets take into account a baby's bath time needs, whereas others focus on feeding time needs. A sleepy time basket, diapering essentials basket, toy basket, and book basket are some of the other commonly used themes. Depending upon the theme selected, homemade baby gift baskets can be filled with an assortment of gifts and knickknacks.

Baby blankets, crib sheets, burp cloths, baby bottles, hair brushes, baby books, and baby photo albums can be used to fill homemade baby gift baskets. Those who do not want to stick to the usual themes, can opt for miscellaneous accessories such as baby detergents, baby stain-removal spray, a baby thermometer, nail clippers, ointments, and pacifiers.

Further, homemade baby gift baskets can be separately themed for baby girls and baby boys. The girl-themed homemade baby gift baskets usually contain cuddly pink items, while the boy-themed ones are set in blue colors. Homemade baby gift baskets can be personalized with the baby's name and birth date.

By Ken Marlborough

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where to Find Cheap Baby Clothes?

Buying cheap baby clothes is a much needed necessity for parents and luckily there are lots of different types of styles and designs to choose from for baby boys and baby girls.

Many department stores such as Macy's and Old Navy have a baby wear range, however with a growing baby, it is likely that you have to have make repeat visits which can be time consuming and also expensive in the long term.

This is why most people choose to buy baby clothes online. Through buying online, you are more likely to find cheap baby clothes because you can compare lots of baby items at one time to ensure that you get the best deal available.

There are many sites online that specialize in cheap baby clothes. Before making a purchase, parents must be careful of the clothing they buy for a newborn. Some factors to keep in mind are safety and comfort.

It is very important that the baby clothing is safe for wear. Some babies have sensitive skin and can develop skin conditions through coming into contact with harmful toxins used in dyes from commercial manufacturers. Comfort is also important. The clothing must not feel restrictive to the baby because this can cause irritation.

As a solution to both of these problems, it is important to buy baby clothes which is soft which is why organic baby cotton clothes are recommended. Organic cotton baby clothes are extremely soft and also do not contain harmful toxins. Most organic cotton baby clothes are handmade and high quality.

By Darren Davis

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Baby Girl Gift Basket and Chocolate Ideas

Gift baskets are a common gift. They are a great collection of items all in a handy basket. Gift baskets can be ordered or home made. To make baby girl gift baskets and chocolates a person is using the theme of a girl and chocolate. This is a great theme because the gift becomes something for both the mother-to-be and the baby. With this theme there are many possibilities.

Baby girls are associated with the color pink. Many people also think of frilly items when it comes to baby girls, too. Baby girl gift baskets with chocolates should have mostly item that are pink and focus on a baby girl. Good items are pink pacifiers, pink blankets, pink bottles, pink stuffed animals and a few cute girly outfits. Adding in chocolates also makes this a nice gift for mom too. There are candy bars available that are made with personalized wrappers. This is a nice addition to the gift basket. If the mother-to-be has a certain favorite chocolate then that should go in the basket too. Putting together a new baby girl gift baskets and chocolates is not too difficult. A person could order one made or even do it themselves easily.

Baby girl gift baskets and chocolates are a great gift idea. They are a gift that serves many purposes. They offer something for both mom and baby, they provide many useful items and they are easy to make or buy. Baby girl gift baskets and chocolates are something to consider the next time an invitation to a baby shower for a little girl is received.

By Tim Bock

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buying Baby Clothes - 5 Great Tips on Buying Baby Clothes Online

Buying tiny and adorable clothes for your baby is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Take a look at the 5 tips below before buying the clothes for your newborn baby.

1) Buy Newborn Clothes Slightly Larger In Sizes
Babies grow very fast in the first few weeks of life. Almost all babies can only fit into newborn size clothing for only a short period of time while some don't even fit into newborn sizes at all. If you are buying baby clothes for your baby, it's a wise choice to get a larger size if possible. You can also keep the size tag of the baby clothes to track the size of the clothes and increase from there.

2) How To Wear Baby Clothes Does Matters
If you are not using diapers for your baby maybe you want to buy baby clothes that has a full snap opening at the bottom or a zipper at the front. If the clothes is going to be pulled over the baby's head, be very sure to get baby clothes that have a soft neck opening so you don't have to force it over the baby's head.

3) Easy Cleaning of Baby Clothes is Important
Baby clothes that can't be hand-washed or dried clean by machine require way too much effort for most new parents. Be sure to check out the labels on the clothes when you consider for your newborn. There are a lots hand-wash and dry-clean baby clothes on the market today than you would have guessed!

4) Baby's Comfort is Key
Snaps, zippers and elastics can be of discomfort for your baby if they are in the wrong spot or are tight against baby's skin. It also poses a danger of getting scratched by the zippers too. It's alright to have zippers only if it has a layer of fabric between your baby's skin and the zipper. Make sure elastic is covered and check snaps for rough edges that might be scratching against the skin.

5) Layering Baby Clothes Works
Babies usually need one more additional layer of clothing to protect them from cold, unless it's hot. Therefore do remember to choose clothes that allow you flexibility to easily add or remove the layers to keep baby warm and comfortable. If you live in a place that is cold, consider buying baby clothes with this flexibility.

By Linda D. Nickerson

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Irish Baby Girl Names

Are you are looking for some really beautiful Irish baby girl names? I have compiled you a list that has some very unique as well as some very popular baby girl names of Irish origin. It also includes the meaning behind the names.

Irish baby girl names are extremely popular in America today, and no wonder, they are some of the most beautiful names in the whole world. This list of Irish baby girl names is bound to give you some good options for selecting a name that you and your little doll can both be happy with! Every parent wants to give their child a meaningful name and hopefully this list of Irish baby girl names can help you in your big decision.

Alanis - This Irish name means beautiful and bright.

Ashlyn - This baby name Ashlyn means a vision and dream.

Briana - Strong, virtuous and honorable! Feminine form of Brian.

Ciara - The meaning of this baby name indicates someone who has dark hair and brown eyes.

Deirdre - A baby name that means "sorrowful" or "wanderer".

Eibhlín - Derived from the French name Aveline. This baby girl name means bringer of the light.

Fiona - This baby name indicates a fair one.

Granuaile - Used to belong to the most remarkable woman in Irish history, also known as the poetic symbol of Ireland.

Kerry - Means dark haired. The baby name Kerry is also the name of one of the most beautiful counties in whole Ireland.

Nessa - A very old Irish baby girl name. Nessa was in fact the mother of Conchobar mac Nessa. Also means someone who is gentle in nature.

Rosaleen - no real need to explain this one but indeed signifies a rose.

Shannon - This Irish baby names means small and wise.

Síomha - Combines peace and goodness. This baby name is derived from an old Irish name Síthmaith.

I hope that this list of Irish baby girl names helped you when trying to make this big decision about the name of your baby.

By Caitlin Orser

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Choosing the Perfect Baby Gift for a Newborn Baby

Choosing a gift for a newborn baby can be a daunting and time-consuming process. With so many wonderful baby gift ideas out there to choose from it can be hard to decide on the right one.

There are many factors to be taken into account when choosing the perfect gift. The first decision to be made when choosing your baby gift is whether you want it to be a practical gift for the new parents, such as a gift basket filled with baby clothes, nappies, a baby rattle, toiletries, blankets and other baby accessories, which lets face it, new parents can never have enough of-- or whether you want your gift to be something a little more special and much less practical or generic.

A new trend in gift-giving is personalised gifts such as personalised name prints featuring the baby's name meaning and origin, framed artwork for the baby's nursery, colourful children's name canvases and baby portrait canvases created from a photograph of the proud parents' little bundle of joy. The gifts can often also be personalised to include the baby's full name, date/time/weight/place of birth, christening, baptism or naming ceremony date, a personal message and even a short bible verse, poem or favourite quote. They make the ideal baby keepsake for a newborn baby. New parents often love to see their new baby's name written anywhere and a personalised baby gift is one that will be treasured by both parents and child for years to come.

By Jemma C Martin

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Type of Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower can be a fun but challenging task. One task crucial to many baby showers is picking the right baby shower invitations. Below are some ideas for baby shower invitations.

1) Themed Baby Shower Cards - Baby shower invitations cards are the most common way to invite guests to your special occasion. These cards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and themes. Some printers will even print your own personalized text onto the card.

2) Candy Wrapper Birth Announcements - Candy wrappers are another popular way to announce a baby shower. The guest will receive a candy bar or other tasty treat and the wrapper will contain the information for the baby shower.

3) Invitation in a Bottle - The invitation in a bottle is a more expensive, but fancy baby shower invitation. A baby shower invitation card will be inserted into a plastic baby bottle. Colored paper and other goodies can also be inserted into the bottle before it is delivered to your guests.

4) Baby Shower Save the Date Magnets - A baby shower magnet with the date of the shower is another great way to invite your guests. When they receive the magnet, they can stick it on their refrigerator to remind them of the date of the shower.

5) Personalized Fortune Cookie Invitation - Yet another unique way to invite your guests is to have the invitation inside a personalized fortune cookie. Invite your friends to dinner and the fortune cookies will contain the surprise baby shower invitation to top off the evening.

By Criss White

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Shower Themes

So you've decided to host a baby shower? The first logical step is to decide upon a theme. Some people will decide to have an open theme, however, if you stick with a specific theme it is more likely that the baby shower will be a more memorable event for everyone involved, most of all yourself and the perspective mother.

Deciding on a baby shower theme need not be that difficult. Choose something that the guests will find enjoyable. You can quite easily do this by putting yourself in their shoes and asking yourself what type of a party you would want if someone else were doing the organizing. Baby shower themes provide focus and save time.

Once you decide upon a theme it will dictate all other aspects of the shower> Decorations, games, food, drink, who to invite.
While traditionally the baby shower was held before the birth of the first born to day it is quite acceptable to hold it after the birth. That said you will have to decide if you will hold the shower before or after the happy event.

To give you an idea of what you could do I've included a list of the twenty most popular baby shower themes last year.

Baby Diaper Cake shower theme

• Teddy Bear shower theme

• Gift Basket shower theme

• Stork shower theme

• Nursery Rhyme shower theme

• Baby invitation shower theme

• Christmas baby shower theme

• Baby girl shower theme

• Baby boy shower theme

• Baby game shower theme

• Decoration shower theme

• Sports shower theme

• Care bear shower theme

• Teddy bear shower theme

• Snoopy shower theme

• Tiger shower theme

• Princess shower theme

• Angel shower theme

• Cowboy shower theme

• Precious moments shower theme

By Kevin Hart

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Gift Ideas for an Adopted Baby

Coming up with gift ideas for adopted baby can be difficult. Many times the new baby is not actually a newborn and that can stump guests when it comes to buying a gift. It may help to go look for gift ideas for adopted baby online. There are many resources to use that can help a guest find the perfect gift.

People usually buy items like pacifiers, blankets and diapers for a baby shower gift, but if the baby is adopted and not a newborn it can be hard to come up with a good gift. Some people may have no experience choosing a gift for an older baby. One great online resource is to look at baby websites. Many of these sites offer gift advice for buying a gift for an adopted baby. Another great resource to use is the websites of stores. Many stores have items grouped by the child’s age. This will let a person see the types of items a child the adopted baby’s age would like. These are two great places for gift ideas for adopted baby online.

Many parents are not concerned with the gift given at their baby shower. They are just happy the guest came, so with that in mind, a person can simply give a money gift if they can find a good idea online. Whatever gift a guest chooses, the new adopted baby is sure to not care - they are just happy being a part of a loving family.

By Tim Bock

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