Saturday, November 29, 2008

Buying Sweet Baby Clothes

It is always fun to shop for baby clothes because of the variety that is available. There are lots of colours and designs that are nowadays available and will contribute to make baby cute. People not only seek for sweet baby clothes that are attractive but also durable because baby clothes are not cheap.

Brands of Sweet Baby Clothes

There are many stores that specialises in the sales of sweet baby clothes. When looking for quality clothes there are a few recommended stores namely Gymboree and Little Me.


One recommended brand for sweet baby clothes is Gymboree. This company sells attractive clothes that is made from the best materials and should be a great choice for most parents. Their line of sweet baby clothes are renewed quite frequently and parents can be sure to obtain all the latest models that will make their child attractive. Furthermore Gymboree's product has a reputation of being washable and will not fade.

Little Me

Another recommended brand is Little Me. Clothes from this line are very attractive and is a good choice for parents looking for quality clothes for their infants. Parents can get sweet baby clothes that range from sleepers to rompers that are all made from quality materials. There are a wide variety of colours that are available. Most of Little Me clothes can be purchased from department stores.

Second hand shops are also good places to shop for sweet baby clothes. As infants grow rapidly they do not have the chance to wear all the clothes that their parents have bought for them. Often these clothes are sold to second hand shops. It is not rare to find clothes that are still new at second hand stores as children has not had chance to wear them. It is always a good idea to shop for sweet baby clothes at second hand store if you want to save some money. Alternatively you can also sell clothes that you do not want anymore to second hand shops as there are many stores that accept this.

You can find a lot of second hand stores on the internet or by looking at local advertisements in daily newspapers. Always make sure to inspect the clothes well before buying to avoid purchasing clothes that lack some accessories such as buttons.

Sweet baby clothes are always fun to buy either for use by your own infants or for giving as gifts. Always try to buy clothes that are made of soft cotton to make sure that the infants are comfortable in the clothes.

By Jason Hobbs

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finding Unique Baby Names On The Cutting-Edge Of Originality and Style

Finding a unique baby name that perfectly suits your new bundle of joy, doesn’t have to be an overwhelming event, in fact, it can be a relaxing hobby the whole family can enjoy. There has been a lot of talk about baby names among new parents these days. They are scouring lists of the most popular baby names, the least popular baby names, celebrity baby names; even lists of countries trying to find a unique baby name for their new baby.

If you really want to find an unusual baby name for your newborn, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind. Unique baby names are derived from all kinds of resources. Many parents desire a unique baby name that holds some historic family value. Such as combining great, great grandpa’s middle name with great grandpa’s first name to create a unique baby name for your baby.

Another great idea to find a unique baby name is to use a surname or last name as a first name for your baby. This is a very popular choice for parents looking for unique baby names. The surname method has really hit an all time high lately, especially for parents looking for unique baby names for their sons. Surnames tend to be more masculine and strong sounding like Blake, Stewart or Madison.

A popular choice for parent’s looking for unique baby names for their baby girl, is using the names of popular or not so popular herbs, flowers or plant life. These types of unique baby names for girls are considered as the newest trend in baby names. They imply soft gentleness and femininity. There are a gazillion resources at your local library for this type of baby name, check out some books and discover a perfectly unique baby name for your little one.

My final suggestion for finding the most unique baby name for your baby is to check out the latest trends. What are new parents looking for and where are they finding these really great, unique baby names for their kids? Are they really scouring maps and atlases searching for original baby names? Or do they have a unique baby name source you just don’t know about yet?

By Jennifer L. Wilson

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers symbolize the joyous celebration of welcoming a newborn into the family. Baby showers are the parties thrown for expectant mothers. They are generally non-relative- in the sense they are usually given by friends or co-workers. Baby showers bring excitement along with loads of gifts for the baby as well as the mom-to-be and the people who throw the shower.

Baby shower favors are the gifts given to the guests who attend the baby shower. They are given by the host or hostess. Although they are a common feature, baby shower favors may not be a tradition in some areas, while they may be a compulsory feature in some regions. It is better to gain some information from some local friends or by attending some baby showers to know if baby shower favors can be given to the guests.

Baby shower favors are generally small cute gifts like candies, candles, decorative pieces, or potpourri wrapped beautifully in small kits. They can be homemade to provide exclusivity or to conform to the theme of the baby shower. Some examples are candies in baby socks, baby-themed crosswords, cookies shaped as fun characters, small plants, small mugs, shower soaps and gels decorated according to the theme, fridge magnets decorated with a picture of the mom and/or the baby, baby bottle shaped candles, or baby booties filled with candy.

There are many stores that offer baby shower favors exclusively. There are also personalized gifts according to the theme of the baby shower. There is also a lot of information on the internet in websites that offer exclusive information relating to baby showers that also contain some great ideas and even ready-to-assemble kits for baby shower favors. In any case, it is a good chance to be as creative as possible and to make the baby shower a memorable occasion for the parents-to-be as well as for the guests.

By Damian Sofsian

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to Choose Baby Girl Clothes

The most common present for a baby girl is baby girl clothes. Every minute there is something happening that makes mom take a new pair of rompers and change her sweet baby into something dry and warm.

And just imagine how many oops a day took place? Thousands. That's why moms need a great store of baby clothes in advance.

If you are about to pick up a newborn baby gift basket full of baby clothes there is something very important to know ahead.

The first thought shall be about material of baby girl clothes. Material is very important criterion. Since the skin of newborns is very gentle it can be allergic to some artificial materials. I recommend you to buy items of clothing made of natural materials like cotton.

Some on-line baby stores are ready to offer Organic products and clothes as a part. Have a look at such collections at first. However, one of the distructive factors you might think about is the color. Yes, the natural and organic clothes aren't so bright and colorful as the clothes made of other material. It is because they don't contain any dyes i.e. harmless for babies.

Secondly you should choose the color. It is better to stick to pink of course. As the baby girl clothes are common presents at a baby shower party - pink clothes are in abundance after the party. But if you want to stand you basket out you may choose some other colors like beige or yellow. Moreover, if you want to present natural clothes - mostly white and beige can be found.

The size of baby clothes is really important thing to be mentioned. Clothes for babies have their own gradation. It starts with zero size (or called newborn) up to twenty four months.

There are seven more sizes within these 24 months. If you make a present for newborn baby girl you should look for the clothes with tags saying zero to three or zero to six months. If you are not sure about the size you may consult the shop-assistance or follow the rule that larger baby girl clothes are better than smaller.

Choose baby clothes without too many buttons, clips and ties. At first a baby either can hurt itself or entangle with ties. Also a lot of buttons make moms no happy about. Keep baby girl clothes simple, but comfortable and natural.

By Tatyana Rubens

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Dressing Up Baby with Baby Clothes

Keeping your baby fashionable is not hard to do with Baby Clothes. The consumer market is full of various baby clothes in all assorted shapes, styles, and sizes. You baby can be the fashionista of the block with their clothes.

Clothing for your baby is quite often affordable, and well worth the money paid for them. Many companies offer baby garments for a very reasonable price, mainly because babies will grow out of the clothing at an alarming rate. As much, the clothing that is offered for babies are highly durable, as clothing manufactures are aware of the messes that a baby will have with their clothes.

Baby Clothes make a great gift for an expecting mother. Since the children grow so fast, many people will purchase baby clothes that are larger than what the baby is currently at, as they can then grow into the clothing. Many large department stores offer a clothing section for babies, as they are high demand items.

The baby clothing industry will always be popular, as there are babies that are born every day. More so, many baby outfits will be paired together, saving you, the parent, even more money on the clothing. Baby Clothes have been, and will be clothing that is sure to stay.

By Ed Whit

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names From the Glittering Movie Stars

New parents often choose their baby boy names and baby girl names from the glittering movie stars. The movie star names we will look at here are strong and beautiful enough to make us dream. They are perfect for new babies.

First though, let us remember some of the outstanding stars of the past. Among the male stars, there are those with magnificent baby boy names. Who can forget Lionel Barrymore, Erroll Flynn, Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathbone, and Cornel Wilde.

Among the magnificent female movie stars of the past are the great Marlene Dietrich, Myrna Loy, Theda Bara, Jean Harlow, and Shirley Temple. Their first names make dreamy baby girl names for any age.

And now, let us look at today's glittering movie stars, their names and their meanings.

Baby Boy Names

Henry Hodges - Henry is an English name with German roots. It is an ancient name and means, "Home-rule." A series of English and French kings assured its popularity through the centuries.

Zac Efron - Zac is a Hebrew name that comes from Zachary, or Zachariah. It means, "To grow strong." It gained renewed popularity after the 1970s.

Leonardo Di Caprio - Leonardo is an Italian name with German roots. It means, "Bold as a lion." This name was beloved in the time of the Renaissance and is moderately popular again today.

Morgan Freeman - Morgan is a Welsh name and means, "Boundary of the sea." Morgan is most often seen as a family name and is still somewhat rare as a first name.

Ewan McGregor - Ewan is a Gaelic name and means, "Born of the yew tree." Somewhat popular in Britain, it remains almost unknown in the United States.

Heath Ledger - The English name, Heath, comes from the name for a hilly ground shrub. This unusual name gained renown in the mid 20th Century.

Baby Girl Names

Gwyneth Paltrow - Gwyneth is a Welsh name that means, "Happiness." It may also come from a place called Gwynedd. It first originated as a person's name in the 19th Century.

Eva Longoria Parker - Eva comes from the Hebrew and means, "Life giving." This Biblical name that goes together with "Adam," was very popular in the Middle Ages. It gained new popularity in the 20th Century.

Angelina Jolie - Angelina comes from the Latin and means, "Like an angel." Angelina became a well-loved name in the late 20th Century.

Keira Knightly - Keira is a Scottish name coming from the name of a place called Keir. The name means "Fortress," and remains rare today.

Meryl Streep - Meryl is an Irish name meaning,"Sea bright." A well-loved name in the Middle Ages, it regained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Hilary Swank - Hilary comes from Latin and means, "Cheerful." An ancient name, Hilary was well-loved in the Middle Ages. It again became popular in the second half of the 20th Century.

Well, that is about it. Deciding on a baby name is a true art. Perhaps, these baby boy names and baby girl names from the glittering movie stars will help you in your search for that special name.

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Finally a Quick, Easy and Fun Way To Choose the Perfect Name For Your Baby!

In many ways baby names are like a mirror that reflects the time and culture of societies. Some examples of this are as follows: Roman baby names were based on strength, courage, and intelligence. Victorian baby names are often perceived as classic or traditional names. Italian baby names are mostly linked with the disciples of Jesus and the other related saints, and according to Indian Astrology, baby names are chosen depending on their birth star. In these examples we can clearly see the linkage between time, culture and beliefs.

Moving towards the present, many of the most popular baby names today are in fact hundreds or even thousands of years old in origin. However there are new influences when it comes to modern day baby naming. Many baby names are now influenced by celebrities, literary classics and even name brands. Unusual baby names, as well as exotic and unique Baby Names are gaining momentum as choices for babies. Baby names are as diverse as the people to whom they are given.

Searching for rare or cool baby names has become a popular pastime, those lists of top 100 baby names are everywhere. The top 100 baby name lists are great since you can see which baby names are most often given to baby girls and baby boys.

For much of the last few decades people relied on books from the bookstore or library, where many books provided hundreds and even thousands of names. Recently the internet has become the tool of choice for finding baby names, as a matter of fact 38 baby names are chosen from the Internet every second. Wow, that is 2280 names per minute and a whopping 136,800 names per hour.

Now let's take a look at some of today’s names, we have Holle, Honey and Lupe. Other similar baby names are Belton, Benson, Berton, Brenton, Fenton, Kenton and Renton. These sure are different from when I grew up, I recall names like Gary, Ken, Don, Tim, Doug, Jack, Lloyd, Sally, Karen and Judy were common. Today top names include: Emily, Emma, Ethan and Elizabeth.

The top 100 baby names from year 2000 till 2007 are showing the same naming trend. Sometimes baby names are beautiful in theory, but awkward in reality. If you're looking for information on what baby names are popular and which are not then you may want to consider trying software. Baby names are amazingly hard to come up with especially when you have to choose a name which sounds right with family and surnames. The game just a lot easier, as there now new software that makes choosing a name a snap.

By Bharath Reddy

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Can a Name Make Your Baby Rich?

With almost a fifth of Americans tracing Germanic roots, German baby names are an American tradition. German tradition is a strong undercurrent influencing American baby name choices.
More than 23% of Americans are of German descent or claim to have German roots. With such a large percentage of the population having a connection to Germanic heritage, it is no wonder that German names are widely chosen among parents to be.

Although the top baby boy name spots are flooded with international favorites that stem from the Hebrew Bible, they are immediately followed by, not surprisingly, a German baby name! William, which is number 10 in the nation, traces its roots to the Germanic name Wilhelm, which means "determined guardian or protector." Looking at the latest American popular baby names statistics, the top two names for baby girls are Emily and Emma. The name Emily can be traced back to the German name Amalia, which means "work." The baby name Emma came in at number 2 and is of German origin as well, meaning "whole" or "universal."

German parents are proud and loyal to their German roots when it comes to naming the next generation. German and American parent's tastes in baby girl names are rather similar, but when it comes to baby boy names, German parents are tapping less into international trends and more into German tradition. Alexander, Maiximiliam and Leon, although not of Germanic origin, have been German baby boy names for generations. Currently, the top German baby girl names are all of Germanic heritage, if not origin. International favorites such as Marie, Sophie and Maria, are deeply rooted in German history.

By Irene Shalom

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Clothes: Long and Lean

Confused by the phrase ‘Long and Lean’ following Baby Clothes? Well, this article works both ways to reduce the confusion of those online baby cloth hunters. And surprisingly, most of the optimized searches will disappoint you if you are either searching clothes meant for your long and lean babies, or clothes to make your baby look long and lean! Confusing, right?

For those who have been thinking that buying a baby’s cloth is just a child’s play, note that baby clothes have their whole of rules. And as they begin their growth, you will realize that your baby should be understood in terms of their growth and gender in order to meet their needs. Let us take a peek into what makes these criteria a must for those parents shopping for baby clothes.

The Long and the Lean

It is believed that the condition of birth determines what a child will look like when it grows up. But there is no way to predict exactly the rate of their growth. However, recent studies have claimed that heavy babies tend to grow up fat and long babies tend to grow up tall. But this may be contestable.

Sizing a baby’s clothing: the Long and the Lean

Parents might be often asking: “What do I need to buy for my lean or fat baby?” Though a baby’s clothes comes in sizes shown by months, as in 0-3 months, this question calls in for a different set of solution. How do you know that this is a standard? There are four fundamental flaws in this standard:

1. The sizes of babies vary enormously. And the manufacturers might claim that a particular size is the standard of your baby’s age group.

2. The growth of babies varies, ranging from slow to rapid. And some babies might be double the size of their same age group.

3. The shape also varies. Some children might outgrow their clothes; clothes made for round babies might stop snapping at the crotch well before they hit their supposed limit.

4. Different manufacturers have their own specific standards. This considerably confuses parents while buying clothes for their babies.

So what do we do? Does one need to buy by weight, or size, or age group? A baby’s age stage is the most confusing stage indeed! And, parents will be likely to keep buying clothes to keep up with the alterations in the baby’s growth – size, weight, length, and shape.

The best advice is not to buy very expensive clothes for this stage. You will not be able to keep up with the speed a baby soils the clothes. However, ensure that the clothes are friendly with your child.

And remember that we cannot help the fluctuations in a baby’s growth; while searching clothes for your long and lean baby, or clothes to make your baby look long and lean, just be patient. We all have been through it as babies!

By Sairohini Kumar

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby Clothes Buying Guide for Dads

Looking after young child involves managing a variety of tasks; one of the more pleasurable among these is buying baby clothes. However, shopping for children's clothes requires careful thought. While selecting baby clothes, always check whether they are:

• Functional: Obviously, looks will play a big role in the baby clothes you pick up. However, always keep practicalities in mind too. Select baby clothes that are easy to put on and take off. This is especially important in young children who will require frequent diaper changing. As a dad, beware of pants and outfits that require a lot of snaps and buttons. Moms have patience for these added nuisances. Dads will often just leave them undone because no one will notice anyway.

• Comfortable: Numerous fashionable accessories may make your child look adorable. However, in the wrong places, they may be uncomfortable, and could even hurt your child. While picking up baby clothes consider how buttons, ribbons, and other attachments might irritate your baby and avoid buying these.

• Weather-appropriate: Keep seasonal conditions in mind while buying your baby's clothes. There is no point smothering your baby in woolens during hot weather, or buying skimpy dresses for winter wear. In areas with wide variations in temperature, moms spend a lot of time organizing baby clothes inventory around the growth of the baby and the approaching season.

• Alterable: Young children outgrow their clothes very quickly. This means that you may have to routinely discard perfectly good baby clothes that have hardly been worn. Instead, it may be better to buy baby clothes that are a little bigger, or can be easily altered, so that they can last your child a little longer. This is a practical solution and will save your time, effort, and money.

By P. Banas

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Shower Cakes

Baby shower cakes are specially decorated for baby shower parties. They can be designed to match the theme of the baby shower party and they are also good to eat. When shopping around for baby shower cakes, it's a good idea to ask the mom-to- be what type of cake flavor she'll wants for the cake. Cakes can be made from any cake flavor and icing for the enjoyment of the celebrant and there is no end to the creativity and design of these lovable cakes.

Baby shower cakes are sometimes referred to as 'diaper cakes' or 'baby cakes'. While 'diaper cakes' are baby shower basket cakes that consist of different baby items. Diaper cakes' may be a real cake decorated with baby diapers and assorted baby items. The diaper cake can consists of a variety of baby items for the newborn. Plus, like a baby shower cake, diaper cakes are make for interesting conversation during the baby shower party.

Homemade baby shower cakes

Baby shower cakes require a certain degree of creativity and baking skills, but baby shower cake recipes can found online. The process of making baby shower cakes is the same as making any other type of cake. Most individuals who are adept in cake decorating and are gifted bakers may do well in creating baby shower cakes for friends' baby shower parties.

There are a number of helpful baking items that can be used to create homemade baby shower cakes. Many baking supply stores offer a wide variety of special baking pans with different designs for baby shower cakes.

Store-bought baby shower cakes

Those who are not skilled in baking need not worry. There are numerous specialty bakeshops that create exceptional baby shower cakes. Many shops can also tailor baby shower cakes to the theme of the baby shower.

It is best to get baby shower cakes from a quality bakeshop that specializes in designer cakes. This will ensure that the cake is fresh, good-tasting and aesthetically appealing.

By Marisa Meidle

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Shower Gift Thank-You Note Wording Ideas

When you send baby shower gift thank-you notes the wording is important. Sometimes after the shower the new mom can get really busy and baby shower gift thank-you note wording may not take precedence over all the other things that need to be done.

If you are the hostess of a baby shower you can take care of baby shower gift thank-you note wording before the shower is even over. How can you do this? By planning ahead you will be able to avoid any baby shower gift thank-you note wording dilemmas.

You can plan ahead and have the thank-you notes all ready for the shower. The thank-you notes can be prepared and ready to go. In this way the baby shower gift thank-you note wording will not be an issue and it will also make it easier for the new mom to get the thank-you notes out to all the guests in record time.

The baby shower gift thank-you note wording can be part of the thank-you note if you have the notes printed. Then all the new mom will have to do is to add a personal line or two and sign the thank-you note. If you want to save even more time for your guest of honor you can have the shower guests address the thank-you notes at the party.

Give the mom-to-be or new mom the gift of beautiful thank-you notes complete with perfect baby shower gift thank-you note wording. She will be extremely grateful and this is one way to give a gift that is meaningful and thoughtful.

By Tim Bock

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Names: What’s In A Name?

Baby names are more than just something that you select because you like the way that it sounds. The fact is that there is much more to it than that because the child will carry that one thing with them throughout the rest of their life. That said, you may be wondering how in the world you are going to find the right baby name out there. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry. We have some great tips for you to help you to come up with the best possible name for your child.

Tips For Baby Name Selection

• Family Names: Sometimes it is tempting to name your baby after a parent, a grandparent or another person within the family that seems to fit right. This is great so long as the name is a name that you like as well. It should fit both needs here.

• Famous Names: Another solution for baby naming is to name your child after a famous person. Yet, realize that there could be a stigma that goes with that name. Will the child grow up to disappoint you if you put too much pressure on him with his baby name?

• New Names: There are plenty of parents setting out to give their babies names that are new and even making up their own. You can find many samples of these types of names throughout the web as well as in baby naming books that are available. Here, make sure the name is something that baby can be proud of.

Baby names do not have to be something that is horrid or boring either. You can select a name that offers a message of peace or a name that shows the love that you both have for the new baby. Just keep in mind that baby’s name needs to be carried with them for many years so make sure it is a name that has a meaning to you.

By Gail Leino

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