Friday, November 14, 2008

Can a Name Make Your Baby Rich?

With almost a fifth of Americans tracing Germanic roots, German baby names are an American tradition. German tradition is a strong undercurrent influencing American baby name choices.
More than 23% of Americans are of German descent or claim to have German roots. With such a large percentage of the population having a connection to Germanic heritage, it is no wonder that German names are widely chosen among parents to be.

Although the top baby boy name spots are flooded with international favorites that stem from the Hebrew Bible, they are immediately followed by, not surprisingly, a German baby name! William, which is number 10 in the nation, traces its roots to the Germanic name Wilhelm, which means "determined guardian or protector." Looking at the latest American popular baby names statistics, the top two names for baby girls are Emily and Emma. The name Emily can be traced back to the German name Amalia, which means "work." The baby name Emma came in at number 2 and is of German origin as well, meaning "whole" or "universal."

German parents are proud and loyal to their German roots when it comes to naming the next generation. German and American parent's tastes in baby girl names are rather similar, but when it comes to baby boy names, German parents are tapping less into international trends and more into German tradition. Alexander, Maiximiliam and Leon, although not of Germanic origin, have been German baby boy names for generations. Currently, the top German baby girl names are all of Germanic heritage, if not origin. International favorites such as Marie, Sophie and Maria, are deeply rooted in German history.

By Irene Shalom

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