Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally a Quick, Easy and Fun Way To Choose the Perfect Name For Your Baby!

In many ways baby names are like a mirror that reflects the time and culture of societies. Some examples of this are as follows: Roman baby names were based on strength, courage, and intelligence. Victorian baby names are often perceived as classic or traditional names. Italian baby names are mostly linked with the disciples of Jesus and the other related saints, and according to Indian Astrology, baby names are chosen depending on their birth star. In these examples we can clearly see the linkage between time, culture and beliefs.

Moving towards the present, many of the most popular baby names today are in fact hundreds or even thousands of years old in origin. However there are new influences when it comes to modern day baby naming. Many baby names are now influenced by celebrities, literary classics and even name brands. Unusual baby names, as well as exotic and unique Baby Names are gaining momentum as choices for babies. Baby names are as diverse as the people to whom they are given.

Searching for rare or cool baby names has become a popular pastime, those lists of top 100 baby names are everywhere. The top 100 baby name lists are great since you can see which baby names are most often given to baby girls and baby boys.

For much of the last few decades people relied on books from the bookstore or library, where many books provided hundreds and even thousands of names. Recently the internet has become the tool of choice for finding baby names, as a matter of fact 38 baby names are chosen from the Internet every second. Wow, that is 2280 names per minute and a whopping 136,800 names per hour.

Now let's take a look at some of today’s names, we have Holle, Honey and Lupe. Other similar baby names are Belton, Benson, Berton, Brenton, Fenton, Kenton and Renton. These sure are different from when I grew up, I recall names like Gary, Ken, Don, Tim, Doug, Jack, Lloyd, Sally, Karen and Judy were common. Today top names include: Emily, Emma, Ethan and Elizabeth.

The top 100 baby names from year 2000 till 2007 are showing the same naming trend. Sometimes baby names are beautiful in theory, but awkward in reality. If you're looking for information on what baby names are popular and which are not then you may want to consider trying software. Baby names are amazingly hard to come up with especially when you have to choose a name which sounds right with family and surnames. The game just a lot easier, as there now new software that makes choosing a name a snap.

By Bharath Reddy

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