Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Shower - Welcome The New One With Love And Blessings

Week by week pregnancy began with a bang! All concerned seem elated and joyous surroundings certainly made the would-be parents cherish the feeling. With time, as pregnancy progressed and the gravities entailed in the situation became more apparent, life became slightly complicated for would-be mom and daddy. Trying out a few of the baby shower ideas & a freaky baby shower party can change things for the better.

Baby shower is a perfect way to shower the would-be parents and child with love and greetings. Do proper baby shower planning to make it a memorable party. Additionally, by presenting the most required baby items through baby shower favors, all can, to an extent, contribute to the happiness surrounding the baby’s birth. Various innovative baby shower favor ideas can be worked out.

A Baby Shower Planner

Various baby shower ideas must be crossing your mind, as you schedule the baby shower bash, towards the end of week by week pregnancy. Few baby shower tips to assist with the planning therefore are given below:
# Baby shower invitations and guest list – Sending a well drafted e-mail could be an economical baby shower invitation. The invitations can also be procured from various card shops. As for the guest selection, let mom and dad do the honors. The party could strictly be a girl’s affair or could include couples. In either situation, make sure that the baby shower invitations spells out the plan.
# Baby shower theme – The party would simply be incomplete without an exciting theme. Do not forget to mention the selected theme in the baby shower invitations mailed to all. Color themes, Disney dresses, baby look could be among the many possible baby shower themes.
# Baby shower game – This is the most essential part of an enthralling baby shower party. Plan as many games as you can. From looking out for mismatches to planning specific word skip scores; there are endless options in baby shower game category.
# Baby shower gift - A desirable list of baby shower gifts can be planned in advance so that guests can select from the mentioned list and present as per the requirements. Picking a sweet and cute baby shower gift wrap would further complete the package.

By Asheesh Mani

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