Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Shower Themes

So you've decided to host a baby shower? The first logical step is to decide upon a theme. Some people will decide to have an open theme, however, if you stick with a specific theme it is more likely that the baby shower will be a more memorable event for everyone involved, most of all yourself and the perspective mother.

Deciding on a baby shower theme need not be that difficult. Choose something that the guests will find enjoyable. You can quite easily do this by putting yourself in their shoes and asking yourself what type of a party you would want if someone else were doing the organizing. Baby shower themes provide focus and save time.

Once you decide upon a theme it will dictate all other aspects of the shower> Decorations, games, food, drink, who to invite.
While traditionally the baby shower was held before the birth of the first born to day it is quite acceptable to hold it after the birth. That said you will have to decide if you will hold the shower before or after the happy event.

To give you an idea of what you could do I've included a list of the twenty most popular baby shower themes last year.

Baby Diaper Cake shower theme

• Teddy Bear shower theme

• Gift Basket shower theme

• Stork shower theme

• Nursery Rhyme shower theme

• Baby invitation shower theme

• Christmas baby shower theme

• Baby girl shower theme

• Baby boy shower theme

• Baby game shower theme

• Decoration shower theme

• Sports shower theme

• Care bear shower theme

• Teddy bear shower theme

• Snoopy shower theme

• Tiger shower theme

• Princess shower theme

• Angel shower theme

• Cowboy shower theme

• Precious moments shower theme

By Kevin Hart

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