Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Shower Cake

The mother-to-be is looking radiant and the entire family is eagerly awaiting the pitter-patter of tiny feet—the time is right to welcome the new arrival with a baby shower bash. A baby shower is an occasion to both bless and congratulate the soon to be new mother and to extend a hearty welcome to the soon to be new member of the family. One of the most important elements in a baby shower is the baby shower cake. The mother-to-be will be delighted when you bring it out to her.

Of course, the centerpiece of a baby shower (aside from mommy) is the shower cake. These cakes are usually a white mix, two or three tiered cake decorated with lots of wonderful baby items like rattles, diaper pins, pacifiers, teddy bears and flowers. Baby shower cakes are colorful and cheery-looking. The dominating colors are pink and blue (if you know the sex of the baby, colors would be one or the other).

Alternatives to the traditional cake described above there are ice cream cakes, fruitcakes and something known as a diaper cake. A diaper cake is made with real baby diapers. They are usually newborn sized, disposable diapers that are rolled and placed in a circular fashion forming a cake. They too are decorated with baby items that can all be pulled off and used once the baby arrives.

A baby shower cake is often used as the centerpiece on a table piled with shower gifts. Once the present are opened, the cake remains to be eaten.

By Jason Gluckman

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