Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ideas on How to Host a Baby Shower - Shower Yourself with Ideas!

Are you looking for ideas on how to host a baby shower? The mind can boggle when confronted with the ideas you’ll get from people on what sort of baby shower invitations to use, what baby shower games are best and exactly what sort of baby shower centerpiece to use. Though everyone means well, it’s understandable that you’d want the baby shower to be your own creation and not an amalgamation of your friends’ ideas.

Looking for ideas on how to host a baby shower is easy. With internet access, you’re privy to ideas from around the world and can find baby shower games, baby shower invitations and ideas for baby shower centerpieces using any search engine.

For example, baby shower games don’t have to stop at “Pin the pacifier on the baby”. There’s the popular “Baby shower Bingo” or try playing “Noah’s Ark” with guests competing to see who can come up with two animals (or baby names) for every letter of the alphabet, with the quickest being the winner.

Baby shower invitations can go from expensive and elegant to those created and printed off for free. It’s all a matter of your budget and how much time you can invest.

Baby shower centerpieces can be functional yet adorable, such as the “Diaper Cake” a non-edible “cake” made from diapers and baby needs that the mother takes home with her to use after the baby is born to feeding your guests creatively by using the chocolate fountains that are all the rage right now.

When looking for ideas to host a baby shower, all you need is knowledge of what the parents like plus a modicum of creativity and you’ll do fine. With the internet, you truly can let your fingers do the walking.

By Kelly Jezek

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