Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby Girl Shower Verse - Food for Thought

So it’s a girl is it? Now that you know that much, it’s time to find some cute baby girl shower verses for the baby shower invitations. Wording for baby shower invitations can be fun to do. Too many people go overboard though and end up with an invitation so full of flowery verse and a made to scale map to find the house that invitation becomes the baby shower equivalent of War and peace rather than a treasured keepsake. If you look online at one of the sites that specialize in baby shower planning, you can find wording guides for baby shower invitations and avoid being long winded.

Baby girl shower verses can range from variations on the traditional “Sugar and Spice and everything nice” to poems with a couple of short verses detailing the parents wishes for their coming miracle. If you’re a fair writer, go ahead and make up your own wording for the baby shower invitations. If you need a little help though, there are quite a few places where you can find a wording guide for baby shower invitations with coming to mind as one such helpful site.

Wording for baby shower invitations comes from many sources. Quotations sites can provide inspiration for baby girl shower verses as can sites geared towards the needs of women as many of those include poetry and quotations from histories well known women.

Wording guides for baby shower invitations usually include information on putting the shower specifics in there as well as some guidelines for poetry so that the baby girl shower verses you use don’t end up sounding too amateur. You want baby shower invitation ideas you can actually use in your own invitations, not something that leaves you looking foolish.

By Kelly Jezek

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