Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby Clothes - Choosing The Right Fabric

Shopping for baby clothes seems like one of the easiest types of shopping a person can do: sizes are to be chosen by the baby’s age, colors are pretty much limited to different shades of pink and blue, and as long as there are buttons along the legs that open up for changing – the cut is not all that important.

Well, that may be partly true, but as you may not know there is one important factor to notice when shopping for baby clothes, and that is – the type of fabric.

While as adults we may be quite indifferent to the type of fabric our clothes are made of, for a baby that detail is of high importance. The baby’s skin is extremely gentle and sensitive, and one thing you do not want to have is a baby with irritated skin. Furthermore, if your baby is either too hot or too cold you will be the first one hear about it, and it won’t be so much by words…

So, how do we make the right choice of fabric? Is there a way to never go wrong with that? Well, actually there is – and that is a little secret I am telling you here: COTTON IS ALWAYS GOOD.

Whether it’s denim, a woven cotton sweater, or just the simplest onesie, you will never go wrong with 100% cotton. Cotton is a fabric that is ventilated enough during summer time, and may be warm enough when it’s cold out, and even if it is just a bit too warm – don’t worry, cotton is also very comfortable when sweating.

By Michal Moreno

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