Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Shower Moon and Stars Theme - Fly Away to the Stars With This Baby Shower Theme!

There seems to be as many baby shower themes as there are diapers. One popular one is the moon and stars theme. It could work for you if you’re having your baby shower at night. With this baby shower theme, light the house with candlelight. Getting some of the stars, moons and planets available at any Wal-Mart and using them on the walls and ceiling helps heighten the moon and stars theme.

The moon and stars baby shower theme makes your baby shower more adult as the quiet lighting alone will downplay the silly atmosphere many baby shower themes portray. If you’re not comfortable hosting a baby shower centered on baby ducks or cartoon characters, this baby shower theme may be the one for you.

The moon and stars theme can even go dressy. Let guests dress up and take your menu beyond punch and cookies. Serve an upscale buffet with moon shaped rolls plus meats and cheeses sliced to fit your moon and stars baby shower theme along with sparkling juice served in stemware. Decorate your table with a shimmering length of silver cloth strewn with confetti moons and stars. Baby shower themes can be as sophisticated as you are.

The music for your baby shower can fit your theme. There are CD’s with lullabies that can be used in a baby shower sporting a moon and stars theme. One CD set to try is “The Mozart Effect- Music for Babies”. It can go beyond just the shower to something the future infant can be soothed to sleep with.

Let your imagination float beyond the stars with this baby shower theme and your guests will be over the moon at how different it was from others they’ve attended.

By Kelly Jezek

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