Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Baby Clothes

Buying baby clothes can be so much fun with loads of choice and so many wonderful and cute outfits. When you are starting out it is so easy to get distracted from what your baby needs and start buying baby clothes just on how they look.

For a newborn the rule is easy, keep your baby clothes simple. Avoid complicated baby clothes with lots of buttons, difficult clasps and little bows. Don’t buy newborn babies clothes with looks in mind, keep to comfortable and practical. Look for clothes that have been designed for ease of use, baby clothes with envelope necks that stretch and little stretch suits with easy fastenings up the legs.

With baby clothes think about comfort and warmth. ‘All in one’ body suits that fasten between your babies legs are brilliant for helping keep your baby warm.

It’s natural for you want your baby girl to look pretty in her clothes and buying cute little dresses is an obvious way to go but not what is best for your baby. Dresses just aren’t a practical item of clothing, they easily ride up your baby’s body leaving her cold, exposed and uncomfortable and when your baby starts to crawl, a dress will just get in the way. Keep to the rule, buy your baby clothes with comfort and practicality in mind and keep the cute dress for special occasions.

As your baby grows the type of baby clothes you buy will need to change. Body and stretch suits are fine before your baby starts to crawl but from three months you want to start thinking about little colourful romper suits (basically stretchsuits without feet) and dungarees. As your baby grows and embarks on each new stage of their life the type of baby clothes you buy need to change so that your baby is dressed in clothes fit for the job.

When you are buying baby clothes keep weather in mind. When it’s warm go for cool and comfortable cottons and don’t forget a sun hat for when you are out and about. In cooler weather clothes made of natural fabrics will help keep your baby warm.

Your baby won’t need proper shoes until his is starting to walk but making sure all-in-one suits, socks and bootees aren’t constricting your baby’s toes is very important. Regularly check that your baby always has enough room in his clothes to wriggle his toes.

By Terry Ross

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